Advisors and Consultants

Business Advisors

  • Treuman Katz

    President Emeritus, Seattle Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center
  • Dr. Samuel H. Smith

    President Emeritus, Washington State University
  • Trevor Moody

    President, TM Strategic Advisors. Former General Partner at Frazier Healthcare Ventures responsible for medical device area and Senior Consultant with the Wilkerson Group, a medical device consulting firm.
  • Richard W. Anderson

    Co-Chair, Board of Ambassadors, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Scientific Advisors & Consultants

  • Paul Lange, MD

    Professor of Urology
    Director of Genitourinary Research Laboratory
    Former Urology Department Chairman, University of Washington
  • Robert Vessella, PhD

    Director, Genitourinary Research Laboratory, University of Washington
  • Lawrence Kunz, D.V.M., DACVP

    Veterinary Pathologist, Principal BioGenetics Research Laboratories
  • John J. Medina, PhD

    Molecular Biologist, University of Washington
  • Sheridan Halbert, PhD

    Director of GLP Studies BioDevelopment Associates
  • Keith Richmond, PhD

    Director of Preclinical Studies, BioDevelopment Associates
  • Christine Halbert, PhD

    Staff Scientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Cell Culture)
  • James Colgen, MD

    Member — Board of Managers, Sierra Surgery Hospital, Carson City, NV
  • Kevin Gandhi, MD

  • Paul Weiden, MD

    Clinical Oncologist