Announcing Publication of Peer Reviewed Paper

LaZure Scientific, Inc. recently announced that results from its human prostate cancer xenograft study have been accepted for publication in the December 2009 issue of the medical journal The Prostate.
“We are pleased that the editors and reviewers at The Prostate feel our study results our worthy of publication,” remarked Charles Hill, CEO of LaZure Scientific. “It is our intention to continue the development of our LDAEC therapy and gain regulatory approval to offer it as a new treatment option in the marketplace.”
The LaZure Low Dose Alternating Electric Current (LDAEC) technology is an electrosurgical instrument system that delivers a low-intensity, intermediate frequency alternating electric field to a desired target tissue area, such as the prostate, to preferentially destroy cancerous tissue and lesions while limiting treatment related side effects by sparing vital tissue types including smooth muscle, nerves, and large blood vessels. Observations from non-clinical studies suggest that LDAEC may hold promise as novel therapy for certain cancer types.

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