Successful Completion of $3.3 M Series C Equity First Close

LaZure Scientific recently announced the successful first closing of $3.3M for its Series C Preferred Stock offering. The Company plans to raise an additional $1.7M to complete the $5M Series C round. The funds will be used to complete LaZure’s “first-in-man” clinical trial of the LDAC prostate cancer treatment device and to continue device and market development in preparation for commercial introduction of the device. In extensive pre-clinical testing, the LDAC device has shown the ability to very effectively kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue and nerves. This creates the potential for an effective whole gland treatment for early stage prostate cancer that does not cause the very serious sexual and urinary side effects common with current treatment methods. The LDAC device is being developed to be a minimally invasive, lower cost, safer and more effective alternative to current treatments for early stage prostate cancer. The LDAC device is currently for investigational use only and is not cleared for marketing in the U.S.

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