LDAC Prostate Cancer Treatment Device

The Company’s prostate cancer treatment device is a complete treatment system consisting of disposable and permanent components.  A set of proprietary, disposable needle electrodes, and a disposable electrode placement template set will comprise the single-use components of the system.  The system’s templates and needle array have been designed to be very similar to the brachytherapy array set up which is familiar to urologists. A CPU based field generating control module will comprise the permanent capital equipment component of the system.

The entire system is designed for use in conjunction with existing ultrasound imaging systems to allow for appropriate imaging during needle electrode placement into the prostate.    The procedure is mechanically and clinically similar to that which is currently used for seed placement in a brachytherapy procedure and cryoprobe placement during prostate cryotherapy, meaning physician adoption will be easier due to limited training requirements.

The Company’s prostate cancer treatment device is currently not FDA cleared for use in the U.S and is for investigational use only.